Being a Producer – What Does it Take?

Producer and current NZFC Short Film Exec, Lisa Chatfield (Scarfies) talks to Tui Ruwhiu (Tauihu Films), Alex Cole-Baker (The Most Fun You Can Have Dying) and Aaron Watson (Go the Dogs) about their journeys to becoming a producer and how they carry a project from script to screen.... Read more

Whose Character is it Anyway?

Actor/Producer Nathaniel Lees (Sione's Wedding, The Matrix) talks to Miranda Harcourt (For Good, Tangiwai - A Love Story) and Loren Taylor (Eagle Vs. Shark, Lovely Rita) about the actor's process, examining the techniques and tools actors use to move from analysing a script to inhabiting the skin of a character.... Read more

Making Great Ideas into TV Drama

In Script to Screen's May Writer's Room, Guest MC Te Radar (B and B) and panelists Stephen Campbell (Amazing Extraordinary Friends, Secret Agent Men), James Griffin (Serial Killers, Outrageous Fortune, City Life) and David Brechin-Smith (Hot House, The Indsider's Guide to Happiness / The Insider's Guide to Love) offer their advice on chasing those elusive chances of turning ideas into television drama and share their experiences getting ideas up onto New Zealands small screens.... Read more