The Writer’s Room

The Writer's Room is Script to Screen's one-hour discussion event that features a line up of top New Zealand and international filmmakers talking about their craft.

Writer's Room

Debut Synergy: Housebound


Join us for a special NZ International Film Festival Writers' Room with Housebound's writer, director and editor Gerard Johnstone and producer Luke Sharpe as they delve into the challenges of writing and making of this stellar debut feature... Read more
Writer's Room

In Conversation with David Seidler

calendar EVENT: 6 JULY 2014, AUT, AUCKLAND, 4-5PM

Script to Screen and the NZ Writers' Guild are proud to present screenwriter Fiona Samuel in conversation with Academy-award winning screenwriter David Seidler (The King's Speech).... Read more
Writer's Room

Making What We Do in the Shadows

calendar EVENT: 26 JUNE 2014

Multiple Emmy-nominee Jemaine Clement (Flight of the Conchords, Eagle Vs Shark) and writer/director Taika Waititi (Boy, Eagle Vs Shark) meet with actor/producer Cliff Curtis (The Dark Horse, Boy) to discuss co-writing, co-directing and starring in their latest and closest collaboration, What We Do in the Shadows.... Read more
Writer's Room

Best direction: What actors need from directors

calendar EVENT: 27 MAY 2014, AUCKLAND

Join us to hear actors Tandi Wright, Jarod Rawiri and Stephen Lovatt discuss what they have learnt about the director/actor relationship and what helps engender their best performances.... Read more
Writer's Room

Transitioning from play to screenplay – it’s not just a ‘cut and paste’

FEATURE: 11 MAY 2014

For the March 2014 Writer's Room, a panel of actor/writers working across both film and theatre discussed how their theatrical backgrounds have influenced the way they approach the art of writing for the large and small screen.... Read more
Writer's Room

Keeping it fresh – theatre voices on screen (Wellington)

calendar EVENT: 14 MAY 2014

Join actor/playwright/screenwriter Sophie Henderson, playwright/screenwriter Dean Hewison, and playwright/screenwriter April Phillips, as they talk to playwright/script editor/producer Bevin Linkhorn about working across the mediums and what filmmakers and writers can take from theatre practitioners.... Read more