FilmUp Mentorship Programme: Call for Applications!



Ever wished you had access to a more experienced filmmaker to help you take a step up?

If you are a writer, director, or producer with proven talent and feature film projects in development, you could be one of the eight filmmakers to participate in the inaugural FilmUp Mentorship Programme.

The programme is designed for you to drive your own learning, starting by being involved in the selection of your mentor who dedicates 20 hours to you over a six-month period.

FilmUp’s introduction day will help you shape a programme specifically for your development, whether that be focused on career, creative process or craft.

Filmmakers who have already made a feature film are eligible and mentors can be based in New Zealand or Australia.

Applications close Thursday 28 March, 2013.

FilmUp Mentorship Programme is made possible with financial assistance from the NZ Film Commission.


Arts mentoring can be broadly broken down to three key focus areas: craft or skills, creative process or conceptual thinking and career. FilmUp mentorship programme is for filmmakers who want to drive their own learning in one or more of these areas.

Applicants are encouraged to think carefully about which areas they need to focus on the most before listing potential mentors in the application form.

Although the mentorship is for the filmmaker rather than for individual projects, applicants need to have projects in development. Preference will be given to those filmmakers highly likely to get a feature film off the ground in the near future.

Applicants will need to demonstrate how mentoring at this stage in their career will be valuable and be in a position to reflect on and advance their work during the programme which runs from May to November.

Applications close 28 March, 2013 at 5pm.

Who Can Apply?

Writers, directors or producers who can demonstrate a high level of competence in their field can apply. You will need to have made a short film, documentary, television drama or feature film, be actively developing feature films and have at least one current project at treatment or draft stage.

The Programme

Eight selected filmmaker mentees are mentored by experienced industry practitioners for 20 hours over six months from May to November.

Mentees will help choose their mentors.

An initial meeting will take place to ensure a professional rapport can be established before commitments are made.

Mentees and mentors will attend an introduction day on May 11 where they learn about effective mentoring, mentee’s goals are set and a programme for contact is designed specific to the pairing.

All mentees will meet monthly, forming a hub for an informal hour to talk to each other followed by a more formal hour where a speaker comes in to take a round table.  Depending on the geographical spread, hub locations may take place in more than one city and out-of-towners may be skyped in if travel is a barrier.

For evaluation of this pilot programme, mentees will be interviewed at the conclusion of the mentorship experience as well as writing a short report.

A FilmUp facilitator will be party to each pair’s programme and will stay in touch and ensure the mentorship is progressing as planned.

Key Dates

Applications close Thursday 28 March, 2013 at 5pm.

Successful Applicants announced late April.

Introduction Day will be held 11 May, 2013.

The 20 mentoring hours start after the introduction day and are to be completed by 24 November, 2013.

Application Form

  • Download the application form here.
  • If sending in the application by email: Preferably we would like to receive your application form and any other supporting material saved together in one pdf. We understand this might not always be possible.

Please email or call the office on 09 360 5400 with any questions.

FilmUp Mentorship Programme is made possible with financial assistance from the NZ Film Commission.